LED-Akku-Arbeitsleuchte MAG PEN 3

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  • 03.5116
  • 5708997351161
  • Scangrip
Rechargeable LED pencil work light with powerful illumination The new generation MAG PEN 3 is... mehr

Rechargeable LED pencil work light with powerful illumination
The new generation MAG PEN 3 is the enhanced version of our bestselling MAG PEN 2 pencil work light. A ”must have” work light for every professional user – always at hand!

Priced as its predecessor, the MAG PEN 3 has been significantly improved in lumen output, design and functionality. Thus, the MAG PEN 3 provides a powerful illumination, both from the lamp head and precision top light, and a side switch ensures easy single-handed switch on/off operation.

Featuring a sturdy rubber surface and a durable construction with a comfortable grip, the design is compact allowing access in the most inaccessible places.

MAG PEN 3 comes with built-in magnets for suspension or storage - both in the clips and at the bottom of the penlight. The turnable clips makes the built-in magnet more usable for difficult work areas and at different angles.

MAG PEN 3 is easily rechargeable with USB cable, which avoids time-consuming, annoying replacement of batteries.

// Please note, the MAG PEN 3 is delivered excl. charger.

// The design of MAG PEN 3 is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 4070035.

Product Number 03.5116
EAN number 5708997351161
Product types Pen light
Customs tariff number 85131000
Net Weight (kg) 0.10
Length (mm) 174.00
Width (mm) 31.00
Height (mm) 21.00
Packaging 4-colour box w/hanger
In the box Lamp, Charge cable, Manual
Sales display included Yes
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